Aloha & Welcome to Majipineapple Photography

"You only live this life once and today is a unique day that will never repeat itself."

These days, life seems to move so fast that we tend to miss and forget what has happened.
Your child's first birthday, photos with your best buddy, the day that you commit to your soul mate, your parent's 50th anniversary.
All these important events that happens in your life.
Wouldn't it make it more special if you can get that extra smile on the wall?
Let Majipineapple Photography help you cherish these moments.

Majipineapple Photography provides professional fine art photography.
Family Sessions
Engagements / Weddings

Most sessions are done on Saturdays.

Latest Work

Model A

Couple strolling on the beach after snorkeling.
Beach Stroll

Model T

Yoshi & Michiko's Wedding

Model T & M

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